Welcome to the Shed_Enterprises software development site.
A collection of dumb little puter games to amuse.
We are two in number, em_ual and x_ual.

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Eurovision Pursuit

Coded by em_ual and x_ual to meet college-required network project demands. Finished project was submitted before the set deadline, with all functionality perfected, manuals in order, and a fully working presentation. em_ual and x_ual were then reported to be unhappy with miserable mark awarded by "lecturers". Judge for yourself. Download the standalone version (1 PC - no network required). Answer music trivia questions correctly to progress in this DOS-based three player race through Europe. Download. View the accompanying project website here.

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gym slip... (the game)

The first game of the gS Trilogy coded by em_ual. Take over as manager of gym slip... for one day. trawl through exotic Carlow searching for the four pups. Retrieve them, and their studio tracks. Avoid the cops and hostile venue owners. Windows-based puzzle. Download and unzip, run "setup.exe". Download.

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gym slip... vs Tri-Kaya

The second game. Take on Balrothery pups Tri-Kaya in this race to get to seven different european festivals before they do. Commission the services of various (in)experienced roadies, navigate the thwarts that come your way. 2-player Windows-based board game. download, unzip all files to the same directory, run "Gymslip2.exe". (You will need the VB run-time files included with the first gS game). Download.

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Rock Star Ate My Gym Slip

The third game. Based on the Codemasters C64 classic "Rock Star Ate My Hamster". Choose four musicians from the selection of 17. Tour, promote, record, and kick your way through 365 days. Earn your band a record deal. Hear the fruits of their studio time. Accept that Britney Spears support slot. Release controversially-named singles. Make risky videos. Drive your customised band to the top of the charts. Sponsorship, publicity, exhausted band members. MTV. Festival tours. See how you fare. (Also requires VB run-time files). Download.




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