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Here follows a reasonable overview of how the project progressed over the months. The majority of the information is culled from the project diary, which was updated on a weekly basis, and overseen by the project supervisor.

WeekDescription of work
19/10/98Background research of IPX routines, notes provided by project supervisor
Preparation of Project Statement
Initial preparation of Project Plan
Basic C program investigation
26/10/98Further preparation of Project Plan
Breakdown of impending work schedule
Initial game structure design
2/11/98Investigation of functional specifications
Investigation of C graphics headers
9/11/98 Basic preparation of game pseudo code
Further stand-alone game coding
16/11/98Further game coding
Preparation of model screenshots and advertisement
Design & coding of user interface
23/11/98Further graphics coding
Testing of stand-alone game
Investigation of C sound functions
30/11/98Investigation of simple network chat code
(IPXchat.c provided by project supervisor)
Final preparation & submission of functional specifications advertisement
6/12/98Preparation of network module pseudo code
Further game coding
13/12/98 Development of client / server pseudo code
11/1/99 Further game graphics coding
Study of internet client / server code
18/1/99Development of game client / server module
25/1/99Investigation of other possible client / server ideas
8/2/99Coding of simple client / server connection number packet exchange program
& testing over network
Design of slides for Project Presentation
15/2/99Further game graphics coding
1/3/99 Development of basic client / server interaction program,
and testing over network
8/3/99 Investigation of user list code, and implemented
into basic network client / server exchange
15/3/99Decision to use data structures instead of packets made
Subsequent alterations made to client / server code.
22/3/99Attempted fusion of game and network modules,
and testing of 2-player game over network.
5/4/99 endContinued testing of network game, editing, alterations.
Final graphical improvements made.

Click here to view screenshots of the finished game.