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Eurovision Pursuit - a network game for 3-6 players, using IPX through Novell NetWare.

As the actual game design was an original concept, the only requirements of us were essentially to get the project to work properly, within the designated environment. Early on, for reasons cited in the improvements section, it was decided to concentrate on a 3 player game.

The game plan, as submitted in the Project Plan, is as follows. The 3 players begin their trip across Europe in Lisbon, Portugal. There is a pre-determined route through Europe, passing through 32 cities in 32 countries. It is the aim of the game to travel along this path, the winner being the first home to Moscow, Russia. See map below for details.

The players progress along the route by answering music trivia questions. There is a bank of multiple choice (a, b, or c) questions, and the question to be asked is chosen by the controlling (server) computer. The players answer their corresponding questions in turn, and if correct, are awarded a random score (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 points) by the various international computer juries. This score then translates to the game map, and the relevant player will move the designated distance along the route. The questions continue until there is a winner.